Haryana Police Physical Height Chest Jump Requirement

Haryana Police Physical requirement is the necessary part of Haryana Police recruitment process. Many aspiring candidates who are looking for the recruitments in the area of Haryana for the department of police have to ho through the careful selection process. There are two types of process through which the candidate can seek recruitment. As we have talked in brief about the following things, the article will talk about various Haryana Police Physical requirement that the candidates would have to complete in order to get admitted to the vacancy.

Haryana Police Physical Height Chest Requirement

Haryana Police Physical requirement, Haryana Police Jump requirement, Haryana Police Physical test, Haryana Police Height requirement, Haryana Police Chest requirement, First set is that of the written exam, the candidates would have to complete the Haryana Police physical requirement in order to pass the exam and after that comes the physical test. There is different physical test for the different posts. Candidates appearing for the post of constable should have the following Haryana Police physical test requirements.

Haryana Police Physical Height Requirments

  • Males           :           170 cms
  • Female         :           157 cms

Haryana Police Physical requirement – Chest

  • males only – Unexpanded :  80 cms.

Expanded : Min expansion : 5 cms

Haryana Police Physical Weight Requirements 

  • For males and Females : Proportionate to height and age as per medical standards

Haryana Police Physical requirement – efficiency test

Male Candidates :

  • Long Jump : 11 feet (Three chances to be given )
  • High Jump : 3 1/2 feet (Three chances to be given )

Female Candidates: 

  • Long Jump : 9 feet (Three chances to be given )
  • High Jump : 3 feet (Three chances to be given )

We suggest that candidate must cross check the Haryana Police Physical requirement with the official website to ignore any kind any panic. though we are trying our best to provide best of informations. Also, the weight of the candidates both male and female should be proportionate to their height and age.

The candidates should not be on any medical treatment. In case of anything like this, the candidates form will be directly rejected and he or she will be disqualified. Also, the expansion of the above things is only applicable to certain case and quotas.

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Haryana Police Physical Requirements

All the pregnant women are asked to not take any part in such competition. In case of any mis-happening no one would be responsible except the desiring candidates.

All those candidates who have been looking forward to apply for the post of Sub-inspector should possess the minimum qualification as follows. In case the candidates are in able to fulfil the Haryana Police Physical requirement demands of the test the candidates will be disqualified.

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Haryana Police Physical Jump requirement

There will be three chances given to both males and females to clear out the test of Haryana Police long jump. The male candidates should be clearing a long jump as per required for Haryana Police physical requirements shown above.

There is however some relaxation for the female candidates in Haryana Police Jump requirement. For all the aspiring female Candidates they have to give a test on long jump as per required for Haryana Police physical requirements describe above.

Also, there is a good news that the candidates who have applied for the post of Ex-servicemen. But definitely they have to quality the medical examination.

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The Haryana Police Physical test will not be carrying any marks but it is necessary that the candidates should qualify in order to get admitted to the posts. Only the best candidates will be taken in. So start preparing hard for Haryana Police Physical Requirement.

If the candidates are good enough and clear the Haryana Police physical test then they are welcome to the post however there is relaxation to the candidates who belong to the backward classes and also to the foreigners. The candidates who are applying from the neighboring country should follow the pattern described.

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