Haryana Police Contact Details Number Helpline Details

Haryana Police Contact Details, every citizen from Haryana must keep the Haryana police helpline numbers. It can be really very useful in any dangerous situation. Especially for female and children, it is very necessary to keep the Haryana police contact details.

Haryana Police Contact Details

Haryana Police Contact Details, Haryana Police numbers, Haryana Police Helpline numbers, Haryana Police contact numbersHowever do not forget to misuse the Haryana Police contact details as there is a definite punishment for such case. The Haryana Police is very structurally in such cases in case the person found guide he or she is severely punished. Haryana Police is one of the most dedicated, strict and also punctual on their duty.

We have also discussed about various Haryana Police contact details in the post and also about other important details the candidates can also visit the official links of the state so that they can easily have proper information they are seeking towards the posts.

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Haryana Police Helpline numbers

The table consists of the valuable Haryana Police Contact Details of the police members and their heads. In case if the Haryana Police Helpline numbers seems unavailable at the time you can also use the facility to message or email.

The table below contains important Haryana Police helpline numbers will help the others at the time of emergency. All the candidates who are willing to join and have any problem can directly refer to the links. The table below is providing all Haryana Police contact details so that the people can easily link to them and contact them.

S. No. Rank Office Telephone Number Email
1 Commissioner of Police 9999981801


[email protected]
2 Joint Commissioner of Police 9999981802 [email protected]


3 DCP Hqrs, Gurgaon 9999981803 [email protected]
4 DCP East,GGN 9999981804


[email protected]
5 DCP West , GGN 9999981805 [email protected]
6 DCP South, GGN 9999981807 [email protected]
7 DCP Traffic, GGN 9999981808 [email protected]
8 DCP Crime, GGN 9999981806 [email protected]
9 ACP Udyog Vihar 9999981811 [email protected]
10 ACP Traffic 9999981812 [email protected]
11 ACP Sadar 9999981814 [email protected]
12 ACP DLF 9999981813 [email protected]
13 ACP Crime 9999981816 [email protected]
14 ACP City 9999981815 not available
15 ACP HQ 9999981819 not available
16 ACP Manesar 9999981820 not available
17 ACP Sohna 9999981810 not available
18 ACP Pataudi 9999981817 [email protected]
19 PS Sadar 9999981825 [email protected]
20 PS Sadar 9999981822 [email protected]
21 PS Sushant LOK 9999981826 [email protected]
22 PS DLF PHASE ONE 9999981827 [email protected]
23 PS DLF PHASE 2 9999981821 [email protected]
24 PS SEC 56/57 9999981823 [email protected]
25 PS sector 40 9999981824 shose[email protected]
26 PS CITY 9999981833 [email protected]
27 PS SECTOR 10/A 9999981836 [email protected]
28 PS Panipat 9999981833 [email protected]
29 PS SIRSA 9999981835 [email protected]
30 PS UDYOG VIHAR 9999981831 not available
31 PS SEC 17/18 9999981838 [email protected]
32 PS KURUSHETRA 9999981837 not available
33 PS SEC 5 9999981832 [email protected]
34 PS SEC 55/56 9999981840 [email protected]
35 PS Badshapur 9999981844 [email protected]
36 PS Bhaundsi 9999981846 not available
37 PS Pataudi 9999981842 [email protected]
38 PS Bilaspur 9999981843 not available
39 PS KHERKI DAULA 9999981830 [email protected]
40 PS HISAR 9999981818 not available
41 PS Women 9991191770 [email protected]
42 PS Traffic one 8586976018 not available
43 PS Traffic two 8586976019 not available
44 PS Control ROOM 2316100 you can also use the sms service by dropping a text message on the given number that is SMS-0124100
45 WOMEN Helpline number 1091 available 24X7
46 IT- WING 9467972703 [email protected]
47 Senior Citizen Helpline 2221559 not available
48 Toll free number 1090 not available
49 PS Farrukh Nagar 9999981814 [email protected]
50 Ps Manesar 9999981845 not available

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