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Haryana Police Academy details are communicated on the page to the ease of the candidates. The Haryana Police Academy is spread in a total area of 500 acres in Karnal which is situated on the National Highway. The place is situated in Madhuban, which also has various other institutions for the housing, which includes the some in the Haryana Police too.

Haryana Police Academy

Haryana Police Academy Details Address ContactAlso, this is one of the most honored and reputed Campuses of the country. The Haryana Police Academy details include various facilities and institution the most prestigious being the Academy.

Haryana Police Academy details are as follows:

  • There are three Haryana Armed Police Battalions
  • It also has the headquarters of IG.
  • A well equipped and also very modern Forensic Laboratory.
  • It also has the State Crime Record Bureau
  • As well as the Finger Prints department.
  • There are also inbuilt schools for the residents residing in the area.
  • The training of the cadets as well as the well trained Dog squad.
  • Also, the sports author is also located there and all the equipment, as well as the stadium, is also located in the Academy.

All the candidates have to prepare well for their physical training as well as for their training and all this is easily practiced under the healthy environment of the Haryana Police Academy.

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Haryana Police Academy details

The officers that are trained in the Haryana Police Academy are as follows

  •  Sh. K.K.Sindhu, IPS and Director of the Haryana Police Academy

Also, it necessary that the candidates clear all the basic training to enter into the Haryana Police Academy. The training is necessary for all the candidates as they can easily learn to compete well in the activities and have a spontaneous response.

Not just the physical attribute is focused but also the candidates are made to learn the theory part so that they can execute this in their practice. Also, many of the special skills are also taught to the candidates like firing and using the armed weapons.

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Haryana Police Academy address

Other Strategies such as development and the research in the process also focus simultaneously in Haryana Police Academy. There are many things that a Police Academy teaches to the candidates and the most important being the discipline, punctuality and also loyalty.

The main qualified of development that is Basically focuses is the leadership quality and the team spirits it is only on the basis of their command and the ability to control and comfort their team member which will sustain unity in the police department.

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Haryana Police Academy contact details

Not only the physical aspects are been focused but the cadets are also told to work under harsh circumstances. The cadets are trained to get the Human Rights, Current Affairs and also the sensitive topics like caste and gender and how to tackle and face them in the society are also focuses by the Haryana Police Academy. It is like an overall practical grooming of the cadets.

It is necessary that the candidates learn the constitution of the country by heart so that they can make it available to the society and also implement it like ways.

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Haryana Police Academy Contact Details

  • Code of the area is 0184
  • Phone number of the Director 2380101
  • Phone number of ISG 2390550
  • OTHER Exchange Numbers 2380116, 2380117 and 2380118
  • You can also Fax on 2390602 and 2380101
  • E-mail at [email protected]

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